Pemenuhan Standar Nasional Indonesia pada MTsN

Umul Hidayati



This research outcome explains that a fulfillment of National Education Standard at MTsN including less category with fulfillment level in attaining 58%. In the process standard, the Islamic school fulfills an SNP at 56%; at Content Standard component, the islamic school fulfills an SNP at 60%; at Assessment Standard, the islamic school fulfills an SNP at 54% and at Graduation Competency Standard, the islamic school fulfills an SNP at 54%.


Hasil penelitian ini menjelaskan bahwa pemenuhan Standar Nasional Pendidikan di MTsN termasuk kategori kurang dengan tingkat keterpenuhan mencapai 58%. Pada Standar Proses, madrasah memenuhi SNP sebesar 56%; pada komponen Standar Isi, madrasah memenuhi SNP sebesar 60%; pada komponen Standar Penilaian, madrasah memenui SNP sebesar 54% dan pada Standar Kompetensi Lulusan, madrasah memenuhi SNP sebesar 54%.


National Education Standard; process standard; content standard; assessment standard; competency standard; Standar Nasional Pendidikan; Standar Proses; Standar Isi; Standar Penilaian; Standar Kompetensi

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